Lhasa to Kathmandu Tours

Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour is seen as one of the most spectacular and adventurous trips in the world. The highway from Lhasa to Kathmandu, like a string of hidden jewelry, winding through the Himalayas, showcases endless majestic charm from temple to monastery, from range to peak, from years to history, from people to civilization. It might be a trip of hardship first time in your life, but must be a once a life-time experience, for inspiration and for enlightenment.

Come to join in our Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour, you will find Potala Palace no longer distant, Mt. Everest no longer unapproachable, Mt. Kailash no longer inaccessible. Besides, the new port in Gyirong, known as the back garden of Mt. Everest, allows you to see very high Himalayan snowy peaks just through the window of hotels. An adventure like this will certainly be an unforgettable chapter of your life, which is worth sharing even to your grandson.